Schools Program

Dance Move Engage Incorporated is a Not-For-Profit organization dedicated to the promotion and development of dance and fitness in Sydney's suburbs and in particular Western Sydney. 

The key objectives of the association are to provide accessible and affordable dance classes, to promote health and wellbeing, build social skills of participants and enhance cultural and community experiences.

Dance Move Engage was founded in 2011 by Neale Byrnes who is passionate about introducing Youth to the wonderful activity of ballroom dancing, now referred to as Dancesport. This activity is strongly connected to our Australian history and culture but it also satisfies a number of Outcomes in the Stage 4 & 5 NSW PDHPE Syllabus. We now have a group of enthusiastic Directors with over 100 years collective experience within the industry as competitor and now studio proprietors who share the same vision and are motivated to get “Engage In Dancesport” into as many schools and high schools as possible. Through this program we hope participating youth will build social skills and etiquette to enable positive interaction with other genders and cultures within and across other schools and the wider community while engaging in an activity that promotes wellbeing and confidence.